The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson

When I first picked up this book it wasn’t for the anticipated adventures of a 100-year-old, but for my general likeness for old people. I find their quiet observation and smart remarks often quite interesting. However it turned out to be more on the fictional/adventures side than the world seen by old people kind of book I’d hoped.

The book is a warm comedy about a 100-year-old named Allan Karlsson. It starts on an ordinary day in an Old People’s Home. The story quickly turns into a series of adventures, including robbery, murders, friendship and love.

It’s a funny and easy read, especially with the satirical narrative of the author, but his unchanged style throughout the book makes it a bit tiring towards the end. Actually I liked more the past stories of Allan’s life, mainly during his childhood and his service during the War (which takes up quite a proportion of the book) rather than the current plot.

If you like adventures, fiction, and history you’ll probably find the book pretty amusing. It ties up quite a few historical political characters, but once again a bit too much for me, with also a somewhat cliche happy ending. I guess for the next book I’ll go for something more ‘realistic’.



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