By Nightfall, by Michael Cunningham


This is a book about the lives of a New York couple, their above-average comfortable lifestyle, their successes as perceived by others and their struggles as lived by themselves. The story evolves around beauty and the pursuit of it in the main character’s life, and also touches topics such as family, money and marriage.

I really liked this book, starting from the writing style of Michael Cunningham. For most parts of the book, he describes feelings and inner struggles with such liveliness and word-precision that you can really feel, even sympathize with the main character, although there were a few artwork related passages (he’s an art dealer) that personally I thought were a bit too much. Also he seemed to me very wise? when describing the perspective of life from the points of view of the young vs. the not-so-young.

As for the plot, it was very interesting to find a somewhat original story, that these unusual happenings can happen to any regular couple. Also, in the book Peter is an art dealer who keeps searching for the ‘ultimate beauty’ in life (because he thinks ‘beauty drives life’), and when he finds it, it might not turn out the way he wanted, which is I guess kinda the same for any of us, whether we are searching for success, money or mere approval.

All in all, I enjoyed it very much. It’s very realist: even with all the complications in life, life is still beautiful, as ‘life is art in itself’.


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